are you ready?

Here we are, edging closer and closer to the first game for the new Oklahoma City Barons.

I would like to think that the hundreds of hockey fans in the OKC are ecstatic and drooling over that inaugural game. I know, that isn’t fair; Oklahoma City I’m sure has thousands of hockey fans, after all, look through the record books and you can plainly see where OKC ruled the attendance records for professional hockey in the US. The now defunct OKC Blazers of the CHL (Central Hockey League) beat out the AHL and even some NHL teams for record attendance for several years. So yes, hockey can be supported in Oklahoma city. What is hard for some of us who were jumping up and down the second the AHL decided to bring a team here, is that many still declare this is Blazers only territory. That they will NEVER support a different team. Personally I’m not to worried. And I really don’t think the Barons management is either. The OKC Barons are coming in full steam ahead and have already impressed me with the way they are running things. It has been way beyond the scope than what the Blazers ever did.

Oklahoma is big on their teams. Just look at the insanity that is college football in this state. Between OU and OSU, you can’t go anywhere around OKC without being surrounded by Crimson and cream or Orange and black. If that wasn’t enough, just take a look at how the NBA was taken under wing first with the New Orleans Hornets, eventually leading to the placement of the OKC Thunder. The way this city has gone Thunder crazy has been…well…..crazy! Hockey is always a step child, the last in a line of sports teams in a city. I believe though, that is why its hardcore fans are something special. Is Oklahoma City ready for AHL hockey?? I say yes.

Is the AHL ready for the Oklahoma city fans might be the real question…


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