Is It October Yet?????

As we near to the start of the 10-11 season,I have been reflecting on the previous season. As you may or may not be aware, my Chicago Blackhawks brought home the Stanley Cup this year.

A long drought of 49 years Blackhawks fans had to wait. For me personally,it was only 20 or so years,but that is an eternity in the sports world. I remember coming close in ’92 and will forever hold a deep hatred for the Penguins for that. It was tough watching the Detroit Red wings constantly win that Cup over and over again,year after year. Not to mention Pittsburg.

I held high hopes after watching Colorado, Carolina, and Tampa Bay hoist the Cup. I mean, if THEY could,we could right??? I have had it pretty good I guess in the sports realm. Even for being a Chicago Sports fan. I grew up with the Bulls dynasty,the Chicago Wolves being the only hockey team in Chicago that could make it past the regular season,much less a championship. I also had the pleasure of being a White Sox fan. 2005. Yea,I cried on that one. 88 years,I think it was allowed. I always wondering if the Blackhawks would or could ever pull it off. It was going to take so many major changes. One day,the change happened. I think we all know what day that was without me having to be mean and mention it. It was a holy day.

Oh,the hopes of a hockey fan. I truly believe they are more intense than any other sport. Football is probably the closest. But I can honestly say, I have never met anyone shed a tear over the Lombardi Trophy. Get a hockey fan around Lord Stanley’s Cup and grab a towel. THAT is what I will always love about hockey and it’s fan base.
The Chicago Blackhawks managed to pull it off. WE WON THE CUP!!! I still get goose bumps over it. I have to admit though….I wish we weren’t so close to the season starting. The euphoria dies off at the beginning of the new season. We are defending champs. I do like the sound of that. It just feels like now the party is over. It’s a different kind of hockey depression.

The Blackhawks will be a completely new team this year. The faces we have grown to love will be playing for other teams. Mostly the Atlanta Thrashers. I do “hate” the trades but as the same time,it makes me a little excited to see just what will happen this year. Of course I don’t expect a repeat. I think it’s generally very silly to expect that of any team. It’s an irresponsible loyalty. All I really “expect” is a return to the playoffs-and beating the Red WIngs every time we face them. I have this calm about going into this year. It’s almost difficult to explain. maybe it’s the weight that has been now lifted. maybe it’s following a team for so long,being with it during the worst moments; knowing that it can’t ever be that bad again. Maybe that’s what brings the calm. We did it. We are the champions. WE hold the CUP!!! I’m good with whatever comes next. I really am. I’m not stressed out. The beginning of last season,I was a nervous wreck. The way the Blackhawks ended in 08-09 just about destroyed me. To lose out to the damn Red Wings-AGAIN! Ok,I don’t need to re-hash that,but I’m wanting to convey something here.

At the start of 09-10,I was going nuts. I knew the previous year we could of,should of,played for The Cup. Whether we could of won out is besides the point. We had the team,we could of made it. But goaltender injuries plagued us after some great playoff games when we went in to face the Wings. They are our bane.

Damn I hate those guys…..

This past season we got past our weaknesses (ie-Red WIngs) thanks to the San Jose Sharks. That was my “we got this” moment. The Blackhawks were lucky enough to have some great goaltending and heart come to life out of Niemi not to mention a strong defense. With our offense all the pieces were in place once again. Thankfully we stayed healthy and on June 9th 2010 the Blackhawks hoisted that most beautiful of all sports trophies once again!!

So no,I’m not stressed out this year. I am quite calm. I am looking forward to the hockey season to start naturally. We have a new AHL team starting play here in Oklahoma city. My Blackhawks are coming off a Stanley Cup win……I’m thinking I don’t have much to stress about.



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