OKC Barons vs Lake Erie Monsters–fan edition

How can you pass up $10 seats and $1 beer for an excuse to get out of the house. Even if you have never been to a hockey game, it’s promotions like this that should be telling you, try it! True, the beer serving were in small cups and would of taken three to make a normal $6.50 serving, but there in still lies the genius. That still adds up to a $3 beer. Last time I recalled how to add, that’s a pretty good deal. 2700 fans took advantage and watched the Barons take on the Lake Erie Monsters. After getting our first franchise win against the Monsters the past Friday, I was ready to see tonight’s game play out.

A hockey noob friend of mine came down to the game since it was her night off and all about supporting local, whether you like hockey or not. I actually had a great time explaining things to her. Not really a lot about the rules but other things. Team, player, coach history’s- my own history of fandom. It was a hoot. Even getting a beer spilled on me was fine. It was my own fault for not being able to stop tweeting and taking pictures.

don't do this while a hockey game in is progress.....
or when they board a player this will happen

At least it was only $1 beer,right? The sucky thing was it was to late in the game for another.I really wasn’t caring all that much. Trust me, that was commented on! Me? Smiling after spilling me beer? Ya,I was having a good time it appears. Let me try to explain.

I was able to move around a bit since the building was pretty dead. First I went and sat by the team bench for the first period. I wanted a close up look at everybody, try to judge attitudes, etc. Everybody seemed to be taking it all seriously, not in a jerk way either. Now, the line changes were pretty atrocious. I saw at least twice 9 skaters on the ice,lol. I’m just glad the ref’s were being lenient, not saying that was a good thing wither,since they were testing out the effectiveness of a 2-ref system.

The entire first period is what I can say was the reason for my good mood. It was probable, no, it WAS, the first time I have seen real hockey in OKC (except the whole sloppy line change thing). When you love the sport of hockey, there is a certain love for what is just the game itself. Not the crowds, the music, the beer, or the fights. It’s the skating, the passing, the fighting for the puck along the boards. I love the winter Olympics, world juniors, college hockey for this reason. It’s just hockey. Yea, of course things happen, on occasion a fight or dirty hit. It’s not the norm though and that’s why I consider it “more pure” for lack of better phrasing. It was nice sitting in a quiet building, not having to listen to a constant barrage of “shoot it!” and “hit him!!”. Seriously.

The Barons went on the beat the Monsters 3-0 making it their 3rd straight win. The Barons are coming to life and I for one am happy they aren’t making a liar out of me. I had a bit of confidence going into this team we would do pretty darn well. Yes, it’s still early in the season. We face the San Antonio Rampage Friday night, should be a good match-up. I’m not worried about our boys until we face off against Peoria, which will happen next weekend.

I know it might seem lame to some people, but I still think it’s cool as hell to have the AHL here. I grew up with the Chicago Wolves, before them heading to Peoria Rivermen games. It was always intense, professional grade fun. To have that here, in OKC, is almost beyond words. A LOT of people here don’t care. They never will care. That’s fine. There are enough people out there that bad talk hockey and the team already, why give more of them voices. I can’t wait to see those two teams take the ice in Oklahoma City. Yes, i missed the first Wolves game, but I was feeling it. I’m afraid I can just enjoy it only in my head because no one else around understands it. Maybe that’s why I’m writing here about it. Just to have “someone” to talk to about it. Having Todd Nelson here, who I watching from afar take my Chicago Wolves to the Cup. We have a two time Calder Cup winner in Alex Giroux. Our goalie owns a Stanley Cup ring. Pat Quinn 2 feet away from me at the game Tuesday night. A legend. In OKC. Does anyone else get that? Or care??


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