Chicago Wolves come to OKC……….

Friday night I finally was able to see the Chicago Wolves take on the OKC Barons. Yes, they have played a previous game here, but I was unable to attend. I pretended that game didn’t count 😉

I had to decide not so much on whether or not to wear my Wolves jersey, but if I should go all out and wear my “puckhead” as well and be an all out Wolves fan. I knew I would be the only one on attendance in Wolves gear. I was. It was a joy for me though. One of those things that I smiled over when I first found out about the AHL coming to OKC. I KNEW that meant the teams I grew up on would be IN OKC. So Friday was the culmination of that joy. In Chicago, it wasn’t exactly easy to get close to the ice, certainly not during warmups. Being in Oklahoma, it’s a bit different. Besides empty seats everywhere, people just are a little more relaxed I guess. Or I might just have been lucky that night, because trust me, Oklahoma has it’s sports assholes to. I have been waiting for Vivian to get “big” enough to go down to the glass to watch. Our seats were only 6 rows up from the ice, so we were close anyway.

When we attended OU hockey games, we were always “on the glass” so she isn’t exactly afraid to stand right by it. In fact, she isn’t really impressed with the Barons games because she CAN’T be on the glass! I might need to just break down and take her myself to a game and grab those seats. Something tells me she will enjoy it more.

Ok,enough about the damn kids, this is about a hockey game after all. I was stoked to see the Wolves play here. I know there may be some that don’t understand that, but oh well. I really am finding it difficult to explain except “The WOLVES are playing in OKLAHOMA!!! That’s so COOL!!”

Now, this also leads to the coolest thing that happened that night. While standing down on glass watching warm ups with The Viv, Nigel Dawes skated over and tapped on the glass with his stick. Freaked Viv out but I was like awesome!! He asked if I wanted a puck, naturally I said “hell yes”. He flipped it over the glass to me and I heard in the background my brother saying “hey! That’s not fair!!” HA HA HA.

So, yea, it was supposed to be for Viv I’m sure, but I had to enjoy for a minute. I couldn’t help but revert to being a kid and a “hero” from my team gave me a puck. It was awesome. So THERE!!

On a bad note, Chicago sucks. Like they really suck this year. UGH. But at least the Barons are kicking butt, right??? I’m glas the Barons won, wish it wouldn’t of been a beat down (6-2) but oh well. Wolves have a lot of work to do. I enjoyed just having them in town.

Friday night Linus Omark was awarded his trophy for making the AHL’s player of the week.

After about 5 minutes, the refs finally found a puck to start the game. Yea. It was that bad. The Barons owned the first period with out a doubt. The Wolves made a great comeback during the second, but after a Barons goal in the that appeared to be knocked in off a Wolves players’ skate, it was over for Chicago. I felt bad for the boys. But, I’m am glad the Barons are still going strong! After the game, 5 more Barons players were available for autographs. I was able to get some signatures the previous Friday night (yea, I know, I still haven’t posted those pics) so I now have 10 signatures on a jersey. Works for me. The other event taking place after the game, they allowed the fans to come to the ice after the game and take a shot on net to try and win a turkey. Cool right??? Yea it was. I really wasn’t expecting to actually score, it’s just been to long shooting, but hell, it was nice just to get down on the ice and again, feel about 13 years old.  It was such a good night for that. Of course, my dad being in town for the weekend helped that a lot. It’s been years since dad, my brother and I had been to a game together.


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