OKC Barons host Houston…..girls night out at the hockey game

After a previous failed attempt, I was finally able to get a couple of the girls out to go to the hockey game. One of the group was at least a hockey fan, even if she is a Sharks fan, but the rest were newbies.

It seems that knowing that I’m a pretty serious fan, everyone wants to go with me. I really have no problem with this. Tuesday, things worked out were everyone was off and could make it out. To say we had fun is a bit of an understatement. The game itself was not bad either. OK, it was a little slow in the beginning, or maybe it’s just the small, quiet crowds that get me melancholy.

After leading 3-1 in the third, the Barons let the Aeros come back and tie up the game. By this point, we had already run a few people out of their seats around us.

Even though the Barons eventually lost the game in a shootout, we were able to witness Barons’ goalie Jeff Deslauriers lay some smack down on Aeros’ Disalvatore. I have to say, that was interesting! But alas, we were on the wrong end.

Andrea’s first hockey fight.

Even after fighting off that double minor penalty, the Barons could not pull out the win. The scoreless overtime led to a shootout, where we had no luck getting the puck in the net. The final score was 4-3 in the Barons  loss. Next game is Manitoba at home, but I will not be able to attend. Luckily, one of the newbie fans, also happens to own the downtown hotdog stand, and the Moose decided to stop by. She was able to get them to pose for a great pic and enthrall most of the female population in Oklahoma City. Sorry Barons’ boys.

Another plus from Tuesday game was getting a game puck. Of course, you can never go wrong there. After the game, we hung around Bricktown, going to Sapphire. My first time there. Wasn’t to bad for a Bricktown club, it wasn’t packed full of douchebags and the music, though karaoke, was good. Of course, I did get alittle bored.

Wednesday, the Barons held an outdoor practice on the downtown ice rink they put up every winter. most of the players were quite shocked, after all, they have been in Oklahoma long enough now to realize, we don’t exactly have much of a winter! It was a beautiful day for outdoor hockey, maybe a little too warm though, making the ice a bit soft.

photo from @AHLBarons

During the practice, Linus Omark and Ryan O’Marra got the call to come to Edmonton. Or rather, join the team in Florida for Friday’s game versus Tampa bay. We will have to see how the Barons will react on Friday, missing one of their top scorers.

Well, without further ado, I will leave you all with pic spam, which is the only reason to come to this blog in the first place!!


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