Barons face the Rampage once again. Giroux makes history.

With the second first place team in OKC in as many days, the Barons still couldn’t find a win. After losing to the Hamilton Bulldogs 3-0 the night before, San Antonio came to Oklahoma Saturday night, beating OKC 4-2.

The good: Taylor Chorney scored his first goal of the season and the game. Chorney’s goal unleashed the flurry of stuffed animals for the Teddy Bear Toss.

a total of 884 animals were collected to donate to the Oklahoma Highway patrol. The animals are used to comfort kids involved in accidents or any other trauma the troopers come across.

The Bad:I heard from a few people they had no idea the toss was going on. I know the Barons had the info out, but maybe this is a case that if our local news outlets actually mentioned some of this stuff, people would know more about the events. The casual fan doesn’t go to the Barons website or forums. That is left to us weirdos who have to read about hockey everyday.

The ugly: only 884 bears??? Really Oklahoma?? With a crowd of 4,000. Shaking my head. The after party meet and greet wasn’t much better. While for me, someone who despises crowds and lines, this was good. But for future events, I hate to see how this message is coming across to management. But again, no advertisement!!! Yes, by hockey forums and websites, but no news reports. Would it really kill them to say something ONCE and give OU 10 seconds less of coverage over no news in the football program anyway? I saw 3? people besides myself talking with the guys. That’s it. 3. Ok, there were tables around, so there might of been 10 fans in the area. On a selfish level, yes I liked it. I was able to chit chat with Coach Nelson about the Wolves and living in Illinois. Something I wouldn’t have been able to do if there was a huge crowd.

Enough ranting. The other exciting thing to witness Saturday night was Alex Giroux getting his 600 AHL point. The game for Giroux started first with donning his AHL All-Star Captain jersey.

On a Colin McDonald goal, Giroux got the assist and gained his 600 point.

Giroux’s reaction to point No. 600: “It means that I didn’t go to the NHL and I’m old.” Can’t blame the guy, it is a double edged sword, milestones like this, for a minor league star who wants to be in the NHL.

The Barons would not score again and would fall to fifth place in the division after the loss.



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