Oklahoma City sees Hamilton Bulldogs, get blanked.

Friday night I was finally able to get to a Barons game while hosting a Canadian team, hence, what should have been my first time hearing the Canadian Anthem in OKC. I heard it, but on a organ recording. Oh well. We are in Oklahoma after all. I heard we actually had a singer the week before when Manitoba was visiting.

With their first shut out loss, the Barons didn’t look all that energetic. Too many penalties, and not enough called didn’t help. Have to wonder if the team is missing Linus Omark and Ryan O’marra and what they contribute, being called up to the Oilers earlier last week. Omark has accumulated 1 goal and 3 assists for the Oilers since the call up, including the shootout goal heard around the NHL last Friday in his debut game. O’marra has 2 assists as well. Omark was sitting on 13 goals and 13 assists for the year with the Barons before the call up, so it would be fair to assume they miss him on the ice. O’marra also had 13 assists while with the Barons.

A fair amount in the stands Friday night seemed to be aware that this weekend was very important to one member of the Barons. Alex Giroux was one point away from hitting his 600 mark. Chants of “Rooo” were heard throughout the Cox Center every time the puck hit his stick not to mention a collection groan and cussing when Hamilton’s Alex Henry took down Giroux at center ice, sending him to the locker room holding his arm. He was to return later in the second period, but never managed a point.

A couple scrums but no drop the gloves battles, the Bulldogs defeated the Barons 3-0 in a hard fought game.

Yes, Taylor was being Photogenic Friday night. Here’s another—


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