Okc Barons and Chicago Wolves pic spam

I was actually fortunate enough to hit all three Barons home games this week. I usually am able to hit only one, so it was fun to hit them all. This weekend is looking to be the same with the Peoria Rivermen in town Thursday and Friday and then the OU hockey team playing an afternoon game on Saturday. Since the Sooner season is about up, I’m hoping to catch the last couple games. Of course, the Super Bowl is this Sunday, so I will be doing that as well. (If you are in OK I encourage you to join us at Rococos Northpark for the watch party and be able to donate for our cause of this year, the Oklahomans Against the Trafficking of Humans-OATH)

So Wednesday brought the Chicago Wolves to town. After a 6-1-0 road trip, I think everyone was very excited for the Barons to come back home. It just fell apart however, the Wolves winning the game 5-4, but at least the game went to a shoot-out. Is it me or does there seem to be a LOT of shootouts this year?? It was a pleasant time, the last time I was able to catch the Wolves in OKC, they lost. I am still the duel fan on those nights. One of the nicest things was the meeting of new friends!!!

introducing Emily and MOM who drove down from Chi-town that morning, just making it to OKC to catch the end of warm-ups. I spotted them from the other side of the arena when the Wolves got the first goal of the game. I went over to chat with them in the second period, ended up staying for the rest of the game. After being asked on a place to eat nearby, I just couldn’t recommend anything in Bricktown. Since they were folk that liked good local flavor, I decided to take them over to S & B Burger joint after the game. Fun and great burgers were had by all. Looking forward to next season for the next visit!

Friday I took Vivian to the game against the Texas Stars. Alas, the Barons managed to lose that game as well, 2-1. But the good thing was getting Viv her new jersey. All she cared about of course was the popcorn and cotton candy….

Saturday brought the Wolves back to town and this time the Barons actually decided to play some hockey. They pulled off a 5-2 win, including a hat-trick by Alex Giroux. Met some more Wolves fans who live in Houston now, but from Chicago. Always neat talking other fans. Of course, the Barons fans around me have almost got me to the point of not going anymore. I can spend my money elsewhere without having to deal with the rudeness and idiocy. That is a rant for another day though. without further ado, here are some pics from the games. Game recaps are in the previous post here.








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