The Manitoba Moose come to Oklahoma City- The Barons fall


Yet again, we got to watch the Barons fall in an important game. Tuesday night, the last home game played during the week, which means last $1 beer game, the Barons lost to the Manitoba Moose 4-1. It’s getting to the point of how it was going to the old Blazers games, you go just to watch hockey and the OTHER teams more than go to cheer on the home team. Yea, I may be getting carried away here, but if the hockey is boring, what else can you say?? Making the playoffs doesn’t look to be in OKC future anymore. Here’s hoping their generally hot road streak continues next week to earn back some points.

The lone OKC goal was scored by Richard Petiot, his first of the season. What does that say that your main scorers didn’t produce, but this kid who hasn’t been on the board yet, put one in the net. Thank you Petiot for putting the effort out there and not letting us fall to a shut out.

After the game, we waited outside the locker room area to see if we could get autographs from a couple of the Moose players. A previous photo of a few of the players at a local hotdog cart we brought with us. The staff and players were great and very accommodating, taking the photo in the locker room and getting everyone to sign it. Of course, watching a couple have a push-up war while waiting was not terrible either. A couple players did come out and put up with our buzzed craziness and snapped a few pics. Thank you to Bill Sweatt, Yann Sauve, and Jordan Schroeder for baring with us!!

thank you Travis Ramsey, Joel Perrault, Mark Flood and Nolan Baumgartner for signing our pics. (I seriously can’t figure out who the other guy is, so I won’t guess and put the wrong name down)


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