St. Louis Regionals Ncaa Hockey Day one.

It was a crazy and cold weekend of college hockey. I can’t say that I was expecting the outcome of the games that ended up being.

The first match-up on Friday was between Michigan and Nebraska-Omaha.

I think most people expected Michigan to win, but the after being down 2-0 in the first, Wolverine fans were starting to squirm. UNO took the lead after only eight minutes, with goals by Rich Purslow, a shorty, and Alex Hudson.

After a horrible first period, Michigan woke up and started scoring, starting with a power-play goal by center Louie Caporusso at 1:17 of the second period. The Wolverines tied up the match with a one-timer by Kevin Lynch at 8:36, also in the second. There was no scoring in the third period setting up the overtime and Michigan fans bouncing in their seats.

For the second year in a row, Michigan’s Kevin Lynch was on the cusp of Hero/Villain. Lynch had poked the puck past UNO’s tender John Faulkner, where it ended up under his pads. The goal would take 10 minutes of review before the call was made that it was a goal and Michigan wins, moving on to round two- to win and head to the Frozen Four.

After 50 minutes, game two was set to start featuring last years National Champion Boston College facing Colorado College. I will post that game recap and pictures separately.

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