Rockford Icehogs come to OKC;get shut out-game pics


It took until the second to last home game of the season, but I finally got to see the Icehogs in OKC. Naturally, I’m an Icehogs fan because they are the Blackhawks AHL team, but I knew the Barons really needed the win to try and get that playoff spot. Rockford isn’t having a good year, but they had been on a pretty solid win streak coming into the game Friday. I needn’t worry however, as the Barons handed it to them, 7-0 for a final.

Besides some issues with some fans, it was a great game and a fun time. Luckily, the Barons pulled off another shut out on Saturday night against Texas, 2-0. Gives me hope that they just might win their last three and get into the playoffs.

Well, without further ado, game pics below


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