7th Annual Cancer Charity game- TAFB Canadian Component vs OU Hockey

Once again, a crazy yet fun game was played to attempt to raise money for cancer research. By the end of the third period, the final dollars were tallied and a total of over $1700 was to be donated.

 The Canadians beat the OU hockey club in a shootout that featured both goalies getting a chance at the net form the other view.

 The game proved to be entertaining for the OU fans as well, watching their other three goalies take the ice to play a little offense. By the end of the game, every goalie netted a puck. A few hi-jinx and Barons hats tossed to the crowd by the Barons girls, the game was as always a fun event. Next to look forward to is the 4th Can-Am game on April 27th. The game is free to the public at Blazers Ice center and features the Canadian and American teams from Tinker Air Force Base.

Since I’m lazy  busy and didn’t get all the information I should have to make this an interesting post, I will leave you with the link to the facebook page to view all the photos I took from the game. Click here!!



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