Don’t Be A Dick

You wore a different teams jersey than the home teams? You are not a real fan.

You don’t OWN your home teams jersey? You are not a real fan.

You don’t travel to any away games to watch your team? You are not a real fan.

You don’t have season tickets? No, you are not a real fan.

You don’t worship the ground every member of the team and organization walks on and dare say anything negative? YOU are NOT a REAL fan!!!

I will never understand humans and sports. I don’t get what makes one fan think they are bigger fan than another person. Is it that they lack something meaningful in their life? That only being a “superfan” to their team makes them more complete. Could it just be plain ole fashioned bullying? Since twitter and facebook took off, you notice this more and more. It’s everywhere, and if you are one of these people (like myself) who use these social media tools to follow a number of different teams through different sports, it gets pretty disheartening. Connecting with other hockey fans was something I prayed for living in Oklahoma, and it took twitter to find them. It’s great to connect with people in Chicago I would have never met except through cheering the Blackhawks on the internet.

All that connection has a downside. The sports internet in general has a huge downside. Comment sections in blogs or news stories are rife with Superfans. I learned my lesson to not join a teams facebook page because of this immaturity problem. I’m not trying to imply I’m more mature, I think we all at one time or another catch ourselves behaving this way.

The “Well I was a fan and went to games when they lost all the time, where were YOU ” is a great example. Some however take it to the extreme.

It’s human nature to try and be better than others I suppose; to boost our self esteems? As with everything however, there are limits. Slipping occasionally like above is easy to brush off. Lately I’ve seen borderline harassment of regular fans by these superfans. It’s a very disturbing trend. I call them bullies. I don’t know what else to call people who berate another person, usually a complete stranger, until they hang their head with shame or walk away. As if THEY are the ones who should feel ashamed. Feel bad about yourself because of a superfan bully? It’s disgusting. It’s harmful. To the sport, the team and to all fans. I don’t understand the need to attack your own fan base. It must be a mental issue.

Now, I LOVE sports. Pretty much all of them. (I just don’t care for golf, but that’s me). I will however, be called a poser (is that still a insult?), not a REAL fan, etc because I don’t find it amusing to talk shit to another teams fan base. Ribbing your friends who are fans of other teams is one thing, but to be a complete dick to a stranger? I will never get. Maybe because I’m not a dick? That may be it.

Quite like religious preference, everyone has their own “teams”, some people even might have more than one “team” they respect. They have their own way to “worship”. But all pray under the ONE being all powerful. Hockey = God. So, it’s not just that sports brings out the assholes, the superfans. Maybe it’s just human nature, posturing, and using whatever we can to be better than everyone else. At least hockey hasn’t started any wars yet.


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  1. Thanks Linda for sharing. Always enjoy reading them. It really is a shame that pro sports, which is really just an athletic term for “entertainment”, gets so downright mean-spirited. It goes against everything that sporting is supposed to be — fun, energetic, distracting, team oriented.


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