Oh Broomball, I think I am in love.


This past weekend I had the privilege of partaking in a game called Broomball. As a serious hockey fan, once explained to me, I was very intrigued by the game. I could kind of play hockey? On the ice? With no skates? I’m down to try it out!

Before the late night festivities at the rink, a group of us hockey fans went to a restaurant nearby to watch our Oklahoma City Barons play game 5 in their playoff series against the San Antonio Rampage. This meant adult beverages would be consumed. More so than may have been planned, due to a majorly crappy AH Live feed, that we ended up giving up on and listening over small laptop speakers.

Of course, our Barons would take game 5, putting them into the Western Conference Finals against the Toronto Marlies. I have a feeling, if it wasn’t for that win, the group wouldn’t of continued the party down the street at the Blazers Ice Center for some “hockey”.

A local men’s league hockey team, the Gladiators, hosted the event. The Gladiators are a tournament team in OKC. They host several events throughout the year to have fun with fans, raise money for tournaments and for charitable causes. Not to mention the pubcrawls.

The broomball event was a success. Everyone chipped to pay for the ice rental & fill the beer cooler.

After some deciding who was playing and general jackassery, the teams were set.

We started with I think 10 per side. I don’t know, it was a LOT of people on the ice at one time. Generally it’s 5 on 5 plus goaltenders. Needless to say, this was for fun, we wanted everyone to play and…..well………the more jackassery the better.

After maybe what felt like an hour, break was called for pizza nomming & beer chugging. The teams then got cut to 7 per side on the ice, with team benches for lines changes. Since we were using half the ice, the red team decided to just take the penalty box. Obviously, being next to the blue teams bench made for quite the time!

A good time was had by all and plans for another event over the summer were made by 1am. I’m pretty sure the red team won, but hard to say after to much time in the sin bin.

Thanks to Patricia Teter, Jessica Turner and Roni Grimes for the photos!!!


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  1. Nick says:

    Brilliant Post…As always the Gladiators thank you for your support. Pretty soon we will have fan caravans to tournaments HAHA!! We would love to use these events to get more Hockey fans here in Oklahoma… I think if people play broom ball they will be more interested in hockey as a game. This night was awesome and we will definitely set another one up. Maybe next time we can get 15 more people or so and get two games going at once… Broom Ball CRAZINESS!


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