There’s nothing worse for a Team that losing it’s Fans.

A good friend of mine posted this today. (Please give her a follow on twitter! @walleyeExaminer)  My heart breaks for her because I know how much she loves hockey. It’s hard to watch management destroy the team you love. I recently posted a story about the same thing happening in another sport. Everything she touches on holds very, very true. While we all want full arenas to keep the powers that be happy rolling in their money, no one wants to sell their soul. Quit forcing a product on people who don’t care. You HAVE people who care, don’t destroy that. I don’t want to hijack her post at all here, but I wanted to help share the message. Here in OKC, we are at a crossroad as well. This article hits close to home. I saw this happen with the CHL OKC Blazers. The caring about the theatrics in the stands instead of the on ice product itself. Hockey isn’t baseball. Hockey isn’t basketball. Hockey isn’t football. Not all sports fans are created equal.

Hockey is Hockey.

I can’t lose another OKC hockey team. Don’t fuck this up.


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