From FistsOfVukota: Thoughts on the Aurora shooting; Loss in the hockey community

I wanted to reblog this, because I want to say this, but I am incapable….

RIP Jessica.

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I shouldn’t be writing this. I know that. It’s still too raw. I’m processing what this is, how this came to be, why it was allowed, why we’ll all have our ‘moment of silence’ and go right back to the way things were. People are already making political hay out of this.  Let’s put that aside for a moment and discuss why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because an aspiring hockey journalist, Jessica Redfield, was killed. I didn’t know her. That’s apparently a shame as she was a wonderful person who impacted many people I consider friends. I saw an outpouring of emotion the likes of which I cannot accurately put into words. Jessica, her mom says, was a big fan of twitter. I can attest to why, even if some people don’t get it. It’s pretty amazing to be at or watching a game and see your timeline…

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