Hockey gets Sooners a football championship.

While playing around on the internet today researching for an upcoming blog, I ran across this article. I couldn’t help but be drawn into reading it, although, I’m not known to be much of a Sooner football fan. This piece should definitely be a must read and any big Oklahoma fan and/or hockey fan! 

The article focuses on Legendary Sooner coach Bud Wilkinson and the sports fitness guru and innovator, Lloyd Percival. Very nice piece of hockey history.
“Percival sought out the best minds in sports psychology and physical education. From North America to Europe, he tried to learn from the best. Percival did not believe track and field or football was where his techniques and understanding could best be utilized. Instead it was the sport of ice hockey where he felt they would have the greatest impact. As a result, Percival would become one of hockey’s great pioneers, stressing the importance of mental practice and preparation.”
“During the 1940’s, Percival had published a series of handbooks on sports training, among which two were on hockey. The first book was entitled How to Train for Hockey, and later, he followed it up in 1951 with The Hockey Handbook. Percival’s methods stressed conditioning and proper diet along with teaching balance, agility and lateral movement. Percival’s techniques, although written for the benefit of hockey players, could be, and were, applied to athletes in various sports including football. One of the earliest to implement Percival’s radical methodology was that of Bud Wilkinson, who himself played hockey and football during his college days at the University of Minnesota.”
Go to this page for more of the article! How Hockey Helped Change Oklahoma Sooner Football

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