Sooners smash Central Oklahoma on Bedlam Weekend


After a tough losing streak and then a comeback weekend in Champaign,Illinois, the Sooners took a pair of wins from the University of Central Oklahoma in spectacular fashion. The Sooners have now won 4 in a row after hitting a 3 game losing streak. Oklahoma now ends their fall semester, players will (hopefully) pass their finals then head into the Christmas break. OU won’t hit the ice again for competition until December 28th and 29th, when they travel to Vancouver to compete against Simon Frazier University and the University of British Columbia. For more information, head over to the Great Northwest Showcase. The Sooners will not return to home ice until January 25th, when they host Colorado State (D2).

Friday night game put OU on track, beating UCO 8-3 in Edmond. UCO would travel south to the Blazers Ice Center Saturday afternoon for the remaining Bedlam matchup and head out swept and shut out. The Sooners took a commanding four goal lead in the second period and never allowed UCO to score a point, 5-0 the final. Colin Fernandes earned his third shut out in the start.

Although not allowed in college hockey, fights still happen. They usually always happen when UCO and OU match up, however it always seems to be on UCO ice, so I miss it. This time however, the Sooner fans at the BIC got to witness some Mico Solorzano hockey justice. Peter Kressner of UCO felt Mico’s wrath about halfway into the third period. Both players would be disqualified after dropping the gloves (and helmets).


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