Sooners sweep in final home stand; Seniors say goodbye

The Oklahoma hockey team finished off its final home stand against Central Oklahoma in fine fashion. With a 6-4 and 4-2 sweep of the Bronchos, the Sooners will head to Arkansas over Valentine’s weekend for the end of the regular season and start preparing for the National Tournament in Delaware.


This year we will say goodbye to six Sooners:

#11 Michael Garvie (Caledon,ON) This season- 0 Goals, 0 Assists in 2 Games Played. 2G 7A his first 2 years with UCO.

#89 Chad Liley (London, ON) This season- 6G 10A  in 47GP.  13G 15A Total.

#35 Nick Holmes (Bartlett,Il) This season- 17-7. 40-32 Total.

#16 Captain Alex Jacobs (Shelby Township,MI) This season- 2G 10A. 9G 42A Total.

#7 Chris Blake (Broken Arrow,OK) 2A over 11 games played total.

#12 Steve Behm (Grand Rapids,MI) This season- 2G 9A. 23G 38A Total


I asked Chad and Nick to answer a few questions for me for a senior interview this year. It has been a pleasure getting to know these two guys and am grateful they humored myself as well. I wish them both much success in their futures.

First up is Chad Liley, who has been with Oklahoma for the past two seasons. He was the only Senior to net a goal in the final weekend at home (not to mention a fabulous goal celebration that I missed getting a pic of). Before joining the Sooners, he played with Northland College where he tallied 11 Goals & 22 Assists.


What is your next move; staying at OU for a degree? Stay in hockey somewhere else?

 “I definitely want to continue to play, hopefully play pro in the CHL which is a pro league here in the states.”

What would be a favorite moment/s playing at OU?

“I just love being on the road with the boys, also Nationals last year was a great experience.”

Is there anything in particular that you will miss about the school/team?

“I’m definitely gonna miss the locker room and the brotherhood of this team, we are so close and all love each other.”

Are you taking any special preps for the tourney (superstitions)?

“I’m just gonna prepare myself for my last collegiate game every game of nattys.
I wanna win four straight and play my best hockey and do what ever i can in order to help my team win.” 

“Overall I had an amazing time at OU, I definitely met a lot of great people while I was here and I hope everyone appreciated the person and player that I am.”


Goaltender Nick Holmes has never been shy about speaking his mind on or off the ice. After 3 years with OU, it’ll be hard to not see the feisty goalie on the ice at the BIC again. Nick transferred to OU from UCO after his freshman year and has been open about hockey around Oklahoma before. Thank you for everything Nick, and GO BLACKHAWKS!

What is your next move; staying at OU for a degree? Hockey somewhere else?

 “I am planning on staying for one more year at OU and finishing up school.”

What would be a favorite moment/s playing at OU?

“My favorite moment would have to be this year after beating the #1 undefeated ASU in their rink. We gave them their first loss of the season. After being the only team at the time to beat them especially when they had 25 straight wins just gave the entire OU team knowledge that we truly were the best team in the nation.”

Anything in particular that you will miss about the school/team??

“I honestly will just miss the game of hockey. I have been playing for 20 years and about 6 days a week throughout those 20 years. I will miss knowing that there is always another game because there isn’t.”

Are you taking any special preps for the tourney (superstitions)?

“I will just be training hard and practicing hard for the national tournament.”

How was it practicing with the AHL Oklahoma City Barons?

“Practicing with the Barons was a great privileged. It was a really good experience being in a locker room with guys that play that level of pro hockey. Some of them were NHL Stanley cup champions. Off the ice was just as amazing as on the ice. On the ice though it really gave me an idea of how big the step would be from college to pro hockey. It really was a honor to be out there with those guys.”

“I would just like to say that hockey has giving me a lot more then I could have ever asked. Looking back on my 20 year career I can honestly say that everything I am today came from my family and hockey. Hockey has taken me to places I never thought I would have gone and pushed me further then I knew I could go. It really is going to be hard not playing.”


If you have not been out to see this team, you are missing out. You are missing out on great hockey, great friendships and watching great young men grow. I have to say, this year ending will be a hard one. Let’s bring that Cup home boys.

As usual, pics from the games and Senior night are here.


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