JR. Blazers moving along in Oklahoma City

The news hit OKC last May that the beloved Blazers will be returning. Returning in Junior hockey form anyway. The Western States Hockey League granted expansion to former Central Hockey League OKC Blazer Tyler Fleck to play in Oklahoma City for the 2014-2015 year.

“Oklahoma City was a Blazer hockey town before anything and people want it back. Reincarnating the Blazers name was a no-brainer and people are already excited to get involved. With WSHL teams already in Wichita and Tulsa, two teams the Blazers had great rivalries with when I played, it was a natural fit to pick Oklahoma City and bring junior hockey to the area for the first time.”

                                                  ——- WSHL.com

 The new Blazers will join 5 other teams next season as part of the expansion move, making it a 30 team league. This weekend, May 3rd and 4th, the Junior Blazers are holding open tryouts for anyone 15-20 at the Blazers Ice Center in South OKC.



Season ticket information has also been released for the inaugural season. For $200 per seat, you are also guaranteed a bag of popcorn and fountain drink for all 23 home games and any playoff games. There is a limit of 300 available season ticket seats and is basically a first come, first serve set-up. (Call 405-888-0195 or email info@okcblazershockey.com) The Jr. Blazers will play at the Blazers Ice Center, where the current OU Hockey team reside,s and occasionally the Cox Convention Center, home of the American Hockey League OKC Barons, when needed.

The WSHL season runs during the usual hockey season, starting in October. OU hockey starts in September and are done with their home games by February with a large break in December so there should not be many hassles with hosting two hockey teams at the Ice Center.

You can check out the website at www.okcblazershockey.com  and follow the team on their facebook page.

I will update as rosters and schedules become available!


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