Islanders’ Matt Donovan meets the Ice Bucket Challenge; Jersey Auction


Matt Donovan ice bucket

Native Oklahoman and NHL New York Islander Defenseman Matt Donovan received and met the infamous ice bucket challenge with style. Chris Garofalo nominated Matt and he then turned around named Taylor Herndon (OU Hockey), Tyler Minks (Odessa Jackalopes), and Kyle Sharkey (U. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point) for the next bucket challenge.

For those unfamiliar with the ice challenge, it gained traction over the past couple months. It started as a “dare” to either dump a bucket of ice over your head, or donate $100 to the ALS. This may not seem all that helpful, but the majority of people are taking the bucket while also donating the money, raising awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). For those named in a challenge, they must grab a camera, record the dumping and challenge a few friends to also take the plunge. If they opt out, they have to donate $100. After the deed, they post the video on all social media accounts with a link to donate.

The Ice Bucket Challenge was started by Peter Frates, former center fielder and Captain for Boston College baseball, who was diagnosed with ALS. Frates and his family made it their mission to spread word about the disease. Multiple professional sports teams and players, actors/actresses, even local news personalities, police & other celebrities have joined in for an icy good time. Last year we had the Harlem Shake take over the internet. This year, something a little more worthwhile is spreading.

*********************See the video HERE!******************

Donovan put the jersey he is wearing during the challenge on ebay for auction with all proceeds going to ALS. Please place your bid for a one of a kind jersey! BID BY CLICKING HERE!

The Matt Donovan Hockey Camp takes place at the Blazers Ice Center in Oklahoma City and are making a limited number of camp jerseys available for sale! $20 per jersey. Shipping will be $5 extra!

Sizes are as follows:
Youth: S/M, L/XL, Goalie
Adult: S, L
Adult: S

If you would like to purchase a jersey , please send a private message to the Matt Donovan Hockey Camp facebook page with size & color.


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