Brooms abound in OKC!

Warm up panorama-credit: WCHL


For the second weekend in a row, the Sooners have swept a three game series. This time around, the Sooners were back on home ice after a 46 day lull, hosting Colorado and Colorado State.


#20 Colorado:

The #6 Sooners defeated the Buffalo 3-1 in a tight matchup. Matt McKinney opened up the scoring in the first period.  Colorado netted their lone goal later in the first period. OU’s Bryce Johnson scored in the second and Tyler Jones sealed the deal with an empty net goal in the final seconds of the third.

Tyler Jones taking the shot.



#22 Colorado State:

Throughout a fast paced, back and forth first period, neither team could get past the goaltenders on either side. Darrel Boldon finally broke through in the second period for the Sooners. Eric Killam then gave CSU a tying goal. Tyler Jones put the Sooners ahead again, but Austin Ansay put the Rams right back into the game. The tie would last the third period and lead to overtime. Neither team could sneak one past the defenders, who were peppered by shots. The game would be decided in a sudden death shootout, OU’s Darrel Boldon netting the game winner.



Colorado State:

CSU came out in the first period making a statement. Forward Nick ODonnell put the Rams on the board first. Jordan Greenberg would then tie it for the Sooners in the second period. ODonnell scored yet again to regain the Ram lead. The battle between the two players continued into the third, Greenberg again making it a tie game late in the period. This time however, CSU was not able to return to the board. Derek Tylka put one past Alex Steidler with 1:15 remaining in the third to take the win.

OU’s Jordan Greenberg and CSU’s Luke Fiegl battle for the puck.



The Sooners head up to Illinois this weekend for two games, Friday and Saturday night. OU will face a challenge, being without 2 of their top scorers and defenseman. Bryce Johnson has 22 goals so far this season and is ranked #15 in the ACHA top scorers; Jordan Greenberg has 17 goals and is ranked #18.  Johnson, Greenberg and Mico Solorzano will head to Illinois as well, on Friday, but it will be to fly out to Granada, Spain for the World University Games. The hockey prelim rounds will start on Feb. 2nd. During the last games, we were able to watch online. Not sure yet about the availability this time around, but I will update as I find out. In the meantime, here is one potential link- Universiade TV.



Latest WCHL rankings:

1. University of Central Oklahoma – #2 in ACHA

2. University of Oklahoma – #6 in ACHA

3. Arizona State – #1 in ACHA

4. Colorado State – #22 in ACHA

5. University of Arizona – #21 in ACHA

6. University of Colorado – #20 in ACHA



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